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Best in Show: Meet the Dogs of Sonsray

By August 26, 2021No Comments

In celebration of this year’s National Dog Day, we reached out to our incredible team to inquire about their K-9 companions. So, without further ado, we are proud to introduce this year’s dogs of Sonsray.

Most Mysterious Habit

Dog: Majic

Owner: Brittany Walker, Service Advisor for Sonsray Machinery

Majic likes to cuddle, and has been known to fall asleep with his jaw closed on his thigh. Maybe it’s reassuring? We’d try it for ourselves, but we don’t want to pull a muscle.

Best Fitness Routine

Dog: Yukon

Owner: Dana McCain, Parts Counter for Sonsray Machinery

Yukon likes to run laps around a goat pen. Our sources compare his speed and agility to a barrel racing horse. #OlympicHopeful

Most Likely to Rep Sonsray Merch 

Dog: Tony

Owner: Gary Garcia, Service Manager for Sonsray Fleet Services

Tony’s hobbies include camping, boating, and chasing cats out of his backyard. He also likes getting dressed up, so we think he’s the best candidate for brand ambassador to bring the Sonsray logo to K-9s everywhere.

HR Director

Dog: Cali

Owner: Shawni Young, Director of Strategic Planning for Sonsray

Cali is ready to join the team as HR Director. In her work for Humane Resources, she’d make sure every Sonsray dog has its day.

Most Likely to Nap on the Job

Dog: Copa

Owner: Eric Salazar, Fleet Operations Manager for Sonsray Rentals & Leasing

Copa works for Sonsray Rentals & Leasing as a Supervisor, but with the amount of napping that goes on we don’t know how much supervision actually happens.

Most Likely to Eat Your Shoes 

Dog: Piper

Owner: Holly Darbo, Assistant Service Manager for Sonsray Fleet Services

Piper works in the moral support business for the Sonsray techs at her store, but in her free time she enjoys swimming. And there’s nothing like a good shoe-snack after a swim.

Best Duo

Dogs: Lonzo & Leaha

Owner: Jerry Espinoza, Parts Manager for Sonsray Machinery

This talented pair love a good game of tetherball.

Most Likely to be Office Manager 

Dog: Lance

Owner: Lizet Salas, Corporate Sales Coordinator & Inventory Control for Sonsray

Lance is all about supporting others. We hear he’s quick on his feet and would make an excellent delivery man for any office’s needs.

Most Likely to Work in Sales  

Dog: Luna

Owner: Marycarmen Valencia, Parts Specialist for Sonsray Fleet Services

Luna was discovered as a puppy at a gas station when her owner was on route to work. We hear she’d kill it as a Parts and Service Sales Representative because, hello, who could say no to this face?

Best Warranty Parts Clerk 

Dog: Ava

Owner: Mike Barnes, Parts Manager for Sonsray Fleet Services

Ava’s fetching skills qualified her for a job as a Warranty Parts Clerk. We hear that any parts thrown out to the Service Technicians for repair would see a 100% return rate. Likely with interest slobber.

Best Receptionist

Dog: Rosie

Owner: Mike Hobart, Parts Counter Sales for Sonsray Machinery

Rosie loves to meet and greet new people, so she is highly qualified to work the front desk. After hours, she might play tug of war with the phone lines. But only off the clock, she swears.

Top Mobile Tech 

Dog: Colton James (CJ)

Owner: Mike Smith, Account Executive for Sonsray Fleet Services

Colton James, CJ to his friends, is ready to start his career as a Mobile Tech. He’s got no mechanical training but he loves road trips. 10/10 we’d hire him.

Most Likely to Work Security

Dog: Tetris P Noel-Lowe

Owner: Shannon Noel, Administrative Rental Manager for Sonsray Rentals & Leasing

Don’t let this face fool you, Tetris takes her job very seriously. She’s got years of experience on security details, but like James Bond, she works best alone.

Most Likely to Move Mountains

Dog: Moke

Owner: Richard Werley, Technician Foreman for Sonsray Fleet Services

Moke is a leader and a motivator. That’s why we voted him as a top Mountain Mover, just like our hardworking Sonsray team. Also, he loves squeaky toys.

Top Mobile Tech 

Dog: Jedi

Owner: Todd Klenz, Fleet Maintenance Manager for Sonsray Rentals and Leasing

Jedi chose the mobile tech career path to increase his opportunities to run down squirrels all over his assigned region.

Resident Welcome Wagon

Dog: Penny

Owner: Jennifer Arevalo, Service Advisor for Sonsray Fleet Services

Penny is in the business of enthusiastically greeting people and bringing smiles to faces.

Top HR Employee

Dog: Angus

Owner: Joe Balistreri, Mobile Service Tech for Sonsray Fleet Services

Angus’ people skills are key to his successful career in HR. In his off hours, his hobbies include chasing cats and rabbits.

Biggest Entrepreneur

Dog: Walter

Owner: Al McCandless, Executive Vice President

Walter is a founding member of! When he’s not tackling The Next Big Thing in the K-9 hiking industry, he enjoys swimming.

Best Mechanic 

Dog: Zoey

Owner: Aurelio Perez, Store Manager for Sonsray Machinery

Zoey is a top mechanic at Sonsray because of her talent for tearing things apart. When she’s off the clock, she likes to snuggle.

Nascar Fan Club

Dogs: Buddy & Princess

Owner: April Shaw, Accounts Payable for Sonsray

These two love a good Nascar race, camping and walking. Also naps, as seen here.

A big thank you to all of our participants. Stay tuned for National Cat Day later this year.


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