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Landscaping Equipment: What’s Right for Your Job?

By August 11, 2021No Comments
landscaping equipment

The landscaping business uses a variety of heavy equipment. Moving the earth is a big job, and you need landscape machinery that can stand up to tough conditions. What factors should inform your search for landscaping equipment? Read on for our tips for landscaping machine selection. 

Adjust for Size 

The first thing to consider is the typical size of your project environments. You need to scale your machine choice to fit the job. Landscape rental equipment can be a great help for those whose jobs are of varying scale. That way, you can always find the right landscape machine for the job at hand at an affordable price. Renting is the answer to short term project needs. Plus, you escape the expense of equipment maintenance. 

A large, powerful backhoe loader is great–but only if it fits your job site. Consider the size of the landscape and the size of the equipment. Make sure you will be able to maneuver easily. Compact machines are often ideal for landscaping projects. CASE has an excellent reputation in the field. 

Consider the Terrain 

What kind of traction will you require to safely use the machine on the job? Tracked equipment will perform better over finished ground. Wheeled equipment is more suitable for rough terrain. 

Tracks distribute weight more evenly, making them a good choice for jobs where you want to minimize damage to the ground. This type of equipment also allows for better traction in slippery conditions, like wet ground or loose sand.  

Wheeled equipment is happiest in rough dirt. Bigger landscaping equipment with wheels will definitely leave a mark on the terrain. Keep this in mind if you need to manage your impact on the surrounding area. 

Identify Your Needs 

The majority of landscaping projects will require multiple machines. Pinpoint what you need to accomplish. Look for landscaping equipment that can meet as many of your needs as possible. If it looks like you will only require a digging machine for one day, consider renting. That way you only pay for the machine for the time you need it. We recommend renting landscape machinery for short term tasks. 

Save your purchasing power for equipment you will use regularly. You can also look into buying second-hand landscaping equipment. If you struggle to identify which machine will suit your business the best, reach out to local experts. Trusted dealers like our team at Sonsray Rentals can help you figure out what equipment will give you the most utilization. 

Take Care

Earthmoving jobs are tough. Landscaping equipment sees a lot of action. Make sure you are maintaining your equipment so that you can get the most out of your machine. Signing up for preventative maintenance programs is a great way to catch problems before they become more costly. Plus, regular services will keep you and your operators safe. 

For those who don’t want to worry about repairs, renting may be the solution. Renting from a reputable dealer will let you borrow ready to use, high quality equipment. Dealers like us take care of any needed maintenance. This leaves you free to get started on your job without added costs or delays.


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